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[movies]Reviving Activisim for the New Century - William F. O'Brien
Lynwood Bartly, Don Cooney and Dr. Ron Kramer are on hand to greet visiting activist Frida Barranger to the show. She is here to speak at Western Michigan university. She tells all about what it means to be raised and live and Activist's life.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Activism,Frida Barrenger
Downloads: 13
[movies]Critical Issues Alternative Views 1-4-2013 - Daniel Smith
Panel discussion by Lynnwood Bartley, Ron Kramer, Leigh Ford, and Don Cooney.  Subject matter is the fiscal cliff and the phony debt crisis.
Keywords: fiscal cliff austerity critical issues alternative views
Downloads: 66
[movies]Trying to Make Sense of the Bailout - William F. O'Brien
Elke Schoffers, Ph.d hosts this show. The discussion is once again on the bailout and the budget. The Republican budget had no numbers, reminiscent of the last Bush Administration. Once again the lobby run Republicans are acting as obstructionists on any forward movement by the progressive government. We then talk about the Afghan war and the environment. Joining her is Leigh A. Ford, Ph.d, Dr. Ron Kramer and Don Cooney all faculty of Western Michigan University.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Green,alternative power,Republicans,budget
Downloads: 50
[movies]The Peoples Mandate - William F. O'Brien
Our panel discusses the new direction the country has gone in by electing Demcorats to the house and the senate. Dr. Don Cooney hosts the show. This show cannot be sold, but may be aired on not for profit channels like Public Access,Educables and PBS.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Critical Issues,Democrats,Elections,Progressive,Michigan
Downloads: 90
[movies]NeoCons and the Media(2)
Col. Ogden Jones visits the panel and forcasts a grim future for the National Guard. Also visiting is Mitchell Szczepenczyk from Chicago Indymedia and Chicago Media Action.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Media; NeoCons; Iraq; Critical Issues Alternative Views; Media
Downloads: 226
[movies]Local Organizing is the Key - William F. O'Brien
Lynwood Bartley leads the conversation with Don Cooney in this one. They talk on many subjects from the nit picking right wing comentators to Gitmo. They also talk about the new Supreme Court Justice Nominee. It is a stimulating program
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Right Wing,media,Obama,Sobamayer
Downloads: 16
[movies]CI.79 Empty Promises, Deadly Incompetence
Col. Ogden Jones returns to talk about Bush's folly in Iraq and the devistating cost in live with NO timetable to get our of that Country.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Alternative Views; Iraq; Bush; Incompetence; Kalamazoo; Michigan
Downloads: 151
[movies]Pirates and Hypocrites Critical Issues #117 - William F. O'Brien
Critical Issuses #117 continues the ongoing discussion of the Iraq war, questioning the reasoning for not put forth a timeline for the US pull out, especially when the people had spoken at this last election. Joining Lyn for this show is the rest of the panel, Dr. Ron Kramer, Dr. Don Cooney, Elke Schoffers,Ph.D and Leigh A. Ford, Ph.D. all from the faculty of Western Michigan University.
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Iraq,Bush,Falwell,Congress
Downloads: 157
[movies]Looking Ahead with Hope - William F. O'Brien
Taped on Dec. 29, 2006. Saddim Housein was being hanged as we spoke, President Ford was taken to Washington D.C., and a new year approaches. Our panel is Lyn Bartley, host, Dr. Don Cooney and Dr. Elke Schoffers round out the group
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues-Alternative Views,Housein,Ford,new congress
Downloads: 83
[movies]CI.82 Crime and Punishment
The panel, led by Lynwood Bartley discusses the woes of the Republican Party in the face of the Libby indictment and the DeLay and Plame cases
Keywords: Critical Issues; Plame; DeLay; Libby; Fitzgerald; Kalamazoo; Alternative views
Downloads: 95
[movies]Critical Issues 2 15 2013 - Daniel Smith
Critical Issues - Alternative Views is a panel discussion show produced at the facilities of Public Media Network in Kalamazoo, Michigan.This 2/15/2013 edition is a discussion by Ron Kramer and Lynnwood Bartley about President Obama's State of the Union Address given in January 2013.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views Kalamazoo State of the Union
Downloads: 212
[movies]Imperial Designs
Dr. Gary J. Dorrien of Kalamazoo College join the panel to discuss his (Now released) book, IMPERIAL DESIGNS, relating how the Neo Conservatives have had the Iraq war plan since 1992, and relating to todays events.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Iraq.NeoCons; Imperial Designs; Critical Issues Alternative Views
Downloads: 211
[movies]The World Can't Wait
Joetta L. Carr, Ph.D comes on the show to tell about her organization 'THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT' and their demand for Bush to step down
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; March on Washington Feb 4.06; lies; katrina; rita
Downloads: 36
[movies]Avoiding The Real Issues - William F. O'Brien
Today, the show was hosted by Lynwood Bartley, with Congressional Candidate, Dr. Don Cooney and John Curran, his campaign manager. Dr. Cooney spoke on the differences between the status quo and what needs to happen to return the power of the government to the people
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views; Kalamazoo; Michigan; 2010 elections; Washington D.C; healthcare; forclosures; banks; big business
Downloads: 14
[movies]Religion and Politics Breed Extremeism - William F. O'Brien
The last week of this old year brings tragedy to the middle east. The Bhutto assasination certainly has upset the plans of the white house. Hosted by ELKE SCHOFFERS, Ph.D and joined with DR. RON KRAMER, DR. DON COONEY and LEIGH A. FORD, Ph.D. all from Western Michigan University. Their discussion addresses the assassination and conclude with the danger of letting religion creep into the government...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Bhutto,Bush,religion,government,the Constitution
Downloads: 81
[movies]Still Biting the Bullett - William F. O'Brien
Lynwood Bartley, Dr. Ron Kramer and Leigh A. Ford,Ph.D and Elke Schoffers,Ph.D, are all on hand to Greet Michigan's Governor, Jennifer Granholm. The previous administration of Republicans cut taxes and everything else until there was no overage left. Faceing re-election, I wanted to get the facts out while presenting her as a person. A wife, a mother and a politician. Governor Granholm came to us as the first Woman Attorney General of Michigan, and now the first Woman Governor...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,State of Michigan,Michigan,Governor,Granholm,Politics
Downloads: 155 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]The Millennium Campaign - William F. O'Brien
PAULA MANLEY from the League of Women Voters joins Host Lynwood Bartley and panel consisting of Dr. Ron Kramer and Leigh A. Ford, Ph.D, to discuss the Millennium Campaign, Voices Against Poverty hosted by the United Nations. We also talk about the trouble Alberto Gonzales is in for firing the Federal Prosecutors among other topics.
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Millennium Campaign,United Nations,League of Women Voters,Kalamazoo
Downloads: 107
[movies]The Mad Hatter at the Tea Party - William F. O'Brien
This program is comprised of LYNWOOD BARTLEY,retired and DR. RON KRAMER, both from Western Michigan University. Today they talk about Sarah Palin (The Mad Hatter in our title), using her fame for political posturing and her fellow demigods, like Limbaugh and Glen Beck. They are championing the Military/Corporate/Congresional takeover of our government described by Dwight D. Eisenhower in his good by speech in the 50's...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Sarah Palin,Right Wing,demigods,politics,conservative,progressive,Democrats,Republicans
Downloads: 102
[movies]The Truth About 911
Critical Issues #43. Host Rick Stalhut and the panel host John and Beverly Titus, Parents of Alecia, Flight attendant and victim.
Keywords: 911; victim; Critical Issues - Alternative views; Critical Issues; panel; Talk show
Downloads: 406
[movies]When Will They Ever Learn...
Dr. Tom Small, Evironmental Activist joins the panel of Dr. Ron Kramer and Donald Cooney to discuss several issues including the Reading Together Program. Many Communities can get some Ideas to try out in your own town.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; Read; Vietnam; Iraq; War; Community; Environment
Downloads: 89
[movies]Vote for Change - William F. O'Brien
ELKE SCHOFFERS, Ph.D hosts once again. This panel consists of DR. RON KRAMER, LEIGH A. FORD, Ph.D and Congressional hopeful and our own DON COONEY. We discuss what has been wrong with this administration (could not cover everything. Actually just scratched the surface barely.) The changes that could happen if Obama is elected. Presidential powers and much more. Stimulating conversation.
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Bush,Cheney,McCain,Obama,Oil,War Crimes
Downloads: 74
[movies]Investigative News - William F. O'Brien
Host Lyn Bartley along with Dr. Ron Kramer welcome Alex Nixon, the night editor for the Kalamazoo Gazette to Critical Issues. Alex investigated the big story here in Kalamazoo of the EPA dumping river sludge from a town downstream here in Kalamazoo, within a mile and 1/2 from our water source. Although this is Kalamazoocentric, this could happen in any city across the nation. Our city council was advised of it just weeks before the EPA had decided to do the deed.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,EPA,environment,PCBs,water source,groundwater,aquafirs
Downloads: 173
[movies]Our Viewmeister's Bid for Congress - William F. O'Brien
Dr. Ron Kramer takes on the duties of host for this show. He interviews our other panelist Don Cooney who has thrown his hat into the ring in the run for Congress against incumbant Fred Upton (Rep. Michigan 6th District). Don has been on this show since its inception 6 years ago. We also talk about the recent trip to the UAE by President Bush, and its failure to lower the price of oil.
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Bush,Congress,Fred Upton,Don Cooney,Michigan,oil,gas prices
Downloads: 58
Cindy Sheehan drops by the studio to talk with our panel. She has a lot to say to America.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; Cindy Sheehan; Bush; Lies; Iraq
Downloads: 140 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]What a Decade Can Bring - William F. O'Brien
This program is celebrating our 10th full year, looking to our 11th season on the air, giving our views from the people up instead of the top down. Joining the panel vis telephone is RICK STAHLHUT, M.D. from The University of Rochester, New York. Rick was with us when the show started and we like to keep in contact with him. Hosting Rick is LYNWOOD BARTLEY and panelists LEIGH A. FORD, Ph.D, DR. RON KRAMER and DR...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views; Kalamazoo; Decade; Ten Years; Glenn Beck; Sarah Palin; Environmental Health. Environmental Issues
Downloads: 21
[movies]The Mid-Term Election Outcome - William F. O'Brien
Dr. Paul Clements joins the panel of Dr. Ron Kramer, Elke Schoffers, Ph.D and Host Lynwood Bartley, all faculty of Western Michigan University to discuss the outcome of the 2010 mid-term election. What it means and what some of the consequences can be. Dr. Clements is a Professor of Political Science and has kept a close eye on the results and offers his conclusions. Great Discussion.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views; Kalamazoo; Politics; Mid-Term Election; 2010; Republicans; Democrats; Tea Party; Obama; disallusionment
Downloads: 28
[movies]Disenfranchising the American Voter - William F. O'Brien, Lynwood Bartley
We discuss how the american news has slid from non-commital to right wing at NBC,CBS,ABC and without question FOX. Lynwood Bartley hosts Leigh A. Ford,PhD, Dr. Ron Kramer and Don Cooney in the discussion. Don Cooney has announced that he will throw his hat in to the race for the House of Representatives. Finally we discuss how the right winged Republican Party is disenfranchising voters in several states and now Indiana by demanding photo ID at the polls...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,voters,polls,disenfranchised,broadcast news,networks,right wing
Downloads: 36
[movies]Playing the Blame Game - William F. O'Brien
Joined by Lynwood Bartley is Dr. Ron Kramer and Dr. Don Cooney. Our guest is David C. Pawloski, Chair of the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party. They discuss the BP oil spill, The "Tea Party" and the candidates that will be running for all of the Michigan Offices this year. Great conversation
Keywords: Critical Issues - Alternative Views; Tea Party; Michigan; Candidates; BP; British Petrolium; oil spill
Downloads: 32
[movies]Keeping the Insurance Companies Honest - William F. O'Brien
On this panel Elke Schoffers, ph.d leads the conversation, delving into the healthcare program, to be voted on in congress and the house. Dr. Don Cooney and Lynwood Bartley join in.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Obama,Healthcare,Insurance Companies,Senate,House,public option
Downloads: 15
[movies]Apologizing to BP? That's Your GO(B)P - William F. O'Brien
This show discusses the gutless apology to BP by Rep. Joe Barton. Being ordered by his own party to recant under pressure, he still proclaims his apology on Twitter. We then discuss the depth of the BP tragedy and the changing of the guard at the CEO level. To the point discussion.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views; BP; oil spill; Joe Barton; GOBP; GOP; British Petrolium
Downloads: 20
[movies]The Human Side of Iraq - William F. O'Brien
From Western Michigan University, Dr. Don Cooney and Dr. Ron Kramer join host Lynwood Bartley in welcoming Kathy Murphy and Heider Al Saedy to the show. They talk about their organization "Iraqi Health Now". Mr. Saedy just returned from Basra, Iraq which is his home town, only to find the lack of medicine and fresh water. That is when he and Kathy Murphy started the organization......Then Ron talks about Baseball.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Iraq,Food,Water,Medicine,Basra,Iraqi Health Now,Kalamazoo,Community
Downloads: 12
[movies]The Lock-Step Republicans - William F. O'Brien
By now, everyone knows that the Republicans have no intention of reaching across the aisle to work in a non-partisan way. They are there only to obstruct and keep the money flowing to their rich buddies and not to help the average person. This is truly the opposite thinking of revered President (and the first Republican) Abraham Lincoln. He would be ashamed of his modern day party. That is the theme of this show...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Obstructionist,Republicans,Lincoln,Darwin,Limbaugh,reelection problems,greed,wall street
Downloads: 63
[movies]Torture By Any Other Name - William F. O'Brien
Lynwood Bartley hosts Dr. Ron Kramer and Dr. Don Cooney, all faculty of Western Michigan University, in this conversation, covering the aleged war crimes of the Bush Administration, focusing on torture. We cover the morality of torture and the loss of the nations soul. Torture was outlawed by a federal law in 1996 and what the Bush lawers did to 'bend' the laws to make them seem lawful. But as the title says Torture by any other name .....
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,War Crimes,Bush,Criminals,Right Wing,Republican Party,illegal,ACLU
Downloads: 64
[audio]Eisenhower's Warning - CI 88.2 - William F. O'Brien
The panel discusses the truly BAD Budget and the cutbacks, mostly from social programs and some inventive auditing. We also discuss the warning that President Eisenhower gave in his farewell speech concerning the Industrial, Congressional and Military Machine. Exactly what is happening today.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; Eisenhower; Warning; Industryial; congressional; military spending
Downloads: 131
[movies]Reflections on the Enviornment - William F. O'Brien Lynwood Bartley
ELKE SCHOFFERS, PhD is on hand once again to host the show. Congressional hopeful DON COONEY joins us with one of his Social Work students JESSIE KADOLPH. The subject is the high price of oil and its availability. The drilling in ANWAR will only fectch about a 14 day supply of oil and it will take about 5 years to get it up to peak production. We would be better off putting that money into renewable energy...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Oil,renewable energy,ANWAR,Iraq,Iran
Downloads: 132
[movies]Defining Facism 2
The discussion continues (See Definging Facism 1) posted here. We are comparing Nazi Germany's third riech to what is going on in America Today.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; Facism; Neocons; Right wing; Federalist; Bush
Downloads: 464
[movies]Cities Suffer for Bush's War - William F. O'Brien
The panel discusses what most inner cities are experiencing from under funding of social programs creating youth violence and other ailments of urban and suburban areas. Though speaking of Kalamazoo, this program speaks to other cities as well. The second portion of the show talks about the abuses that Bush has been putting our constitution through.
Keywords: critical Issues,critical issues alternative views,youth violence,violence,underfunding,cities,kalamazoo
Downloads: 132
[movies]The Gods of War - William F. O'Brien
On this show, the show before the Patraious report to the President, we discuss what has happened and what we expect in the next few months from this administration. Our panlists, hosted by Lynwood Bartley, probe the differences between WW2 and Iraq and the very military, industrial and Congressional complex that President Eisenhower warned us against in his departure speech. The people that profit from War...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,War,Iraq,Bush,Iran,profiteers,Mercinaries
Downloads: 227
[movies]The Corruptive Power of Wealth - William F. O'Brien
We discuss the corruption that the rich enjoy. Lobbying is one of those corruptive powers, and the helplessness of those who are on the lower end of the social register to stop the odds stacked against them.
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Money,graft,corruption,lobbyists,rich,poor,disadvantaged
Downloads: 24
[movies]Dr. King: Dreams and Nightmares - William F. O'Brien, Lynwood Bartley
On the 40th anniversary of Dr. Kings assasination, we talk about the events that lead up to his final destiny and what he would be doing today if he had survived. Joining LYN BARTLEY, is ELKE SCHOFFERS, Ph.D, Dr. RON KRAMER and DR. DON COONEY, all from Western Michigan University. They also talk about Iraq and this administrations cavalier approach to this conflict and occupation.
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,MLK,Dr. Martin Luther King,Iraq,Bush,Cheney
Downloads: 175
[movies]The Republican Scam with America - William F. O'Brien
A discussion on the same old policy of the Republican response to poor ratings is to make a 'Conract with America'. This is moot and just is a promise to do the same things they have always done. Tax the poor and give to the rich and add a few right-wing policies. Their new 'pledge' is discussed at length with obscene costs and hidden or unknown entities, which in many respects, resembles what is commonly called a 'scam'...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views; Kalamazoo; Republicans; Scam; Pledge with America; Global Warming; Books
Downloads: 48
[movies]Photography-A Witness to History
Critical Issues Special. Dr. Richard Quinney a nationally know criminologist visits the show to talk about photography and what is percieved as truth in the immage. Hosted by Dr. Ron Kramer with panelist and doctoral candidate Dawn L. Rothe.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; Photography; Dr. Richard Quinney; books; Iraq; images
Downloads: 241
[movies]A Serious Discussion on the Issues with Senator Debbie Stabenow - William F. O'Brien
Senator Debbie Stabenow, (D)Michigan found some time to spend with us. The producer had trouble with he actual time counter and cut her visit even shorter than planned. Never the less, her visit was packed with information. We found her to be delightful, honest and knowlegable. And we found her to be very human. It was a great honor to have her on the show. Be sure to watch this one. I am also Proud to Announce that his Program won the 2009 Philo T...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Senator,Debbie Stabenow,Democrat,Michigan,healthcare,war,politics
Downloads: 67
[movies]Obama's Internal War - William F. O'Brien
LYNWOOD BARTLEY is back to lead the conversation with DR. DON COONEY and DR RON KRAMER. Ever since he claimed the office of President (by popular demand), the Republicans and the Right Winged Republicans have attacked everything he has tried to do. It doesn’t matter whether the right and the Republicans agree with him, because he is black and a Democrat, he is wrong. This leaves a congress in an uproar...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Obama,Republicans,Right Wing,Healthcare,Blue Line Democrats,Conservatives,Liberals,Compromise
Downloads: 20
[movies]Domestic Spying vs the A.C.L.U.
Jim Rodbard, j.d. president of the Michigan A.C.L.U. Visits and talks about the presidents domestic spying and saying why it is illegal
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues Alternative Views; domestic spying; Bush; Lies; Washington D.C
Downloads: 145
[movies]The D.C. 30
A look at Karl Roves claim that Cindy Shehann only had 30 followers. He cannot hide his 'spin' lies
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues - Alternative Views; March; Anti-war; Washington D.C; politics; spin
Downloads: 127
[movies]The Debates and The Insights - William F. O'Brien
Palin. Biden. Who won? Who lost? In a debate is there ever really a winner and a looser? It is the quirks and the tics and the body language that really is what people are looking at. DR. RON KRAMER, hosts this program and discusses the Bail out bill that was passed and signed by the Chief Executive. With him are LEIGH A FORD, Ph.D, ELKE SCHOFFERS, Ph.D, Congressional hopeful and our panelist DON COONEY are joined by LYNWOOD BARTLEY,(retired) who is rejoining us after 4 months away, and all facu...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Bailout,Wall Street,Congress,Biden,Palin,McCain
Downloads: 96
[movies]Obama: A.C.L.U. Assessing the New Administration - William F. O'Brien
Lynwood Bartley and Panel Dr. Ron Kramer and Dr. Don Cooney, all from Western Michigan University hosts James N. Rodbard, PC, who is with the National Board of the A.C.L.U. and is in the Southwestern Michigan Branch. As Mr. Rodbard says "The word on the street is that Obama does not walk on Water." Well, No one is perfect, but there are several troubling things that the new President and his cabinet are not adressing...
Keywords: Critical Issues - Alternative Views,Obama,Washington D.C.,A.C.L.U.,FISA,Torture,Gitmo,Accountability
Downloads: 106
[movies]A VIEW FROM A WAR ROOM VETERAN - William F. O'Brien
Host Lynwood Bartley and panel Don Cooney, Dr. Ron Kramer and Leigh A. Ford, Ph.D welcome Colonel Ogden Jones, U.S. Army, Retired to the show. He tells us of his fears for the Army and the Army National Guard. The National Guard are for the protection of the homeland emergencies and not to fight in foreign wars. This has been demonstrated by the atrocious response to Hurricane Katrina and lately the Kansas Tornado...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Army,Army National Guard,Iraq,homeland security
Downloads: 141 (1 review)
[movies]Rescuing America - William F. O'Brien
What has this present administration really done to America? We have lost some of our rights, we went to war by way of lies, we have been devestated by a Hurricane with little help from the Federal Government, our jobs have been sucked from us and sent abroad, the wealthy have just about drained our treasury. It is time for a drastic change in America when we bail out wealthy wall street fat cats. In all actuality it is just another Tax, only a big tax raise on the people who can least afford it...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Progressive Movement,right wing,neocons,elections,the vote
Downloads: 125
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